Exploring Penis Extenders – Are They Effective?

Article by Joey Garcia

Hey guys, Joey here, giving you no-BS info on something I’ve discovered lately: The Penis Extender.

When I heard of these, I immediately thought – “This is something literally every guy should be using.”

At least the ones who are ambitious and want to get as much as possible out of their sex lives.

So let me share what I learned.

First, an intro into penis extenders.

Penis extender devices, like the PhalloGauge, also known as dick stretchers and penile traction apparatus are simple machines that have been invented to hold the penis in the dick grip position to actuate hyperplasia and result in penis length gains.

Do penis extenders deliver on what they claim to do?

Let’s find out.

What is a penis extender?

A penis extender typically consists of spring system, noose, and a stick or elastic belt.

If you want to alter the amount of force that you want to apply to your own dick certain sticks and springs are installed.

You ease the base of your glans underneath the noose when you putting your dick inside of apparatus and you also tighten it to clamp down it and hold it in the traction situation that is stretched.

Are there other types of penis extenders?

There are, in fact.

Pulling extenders make use of of pulling to create the grip force the instinctual nature.

Commonly, there is a part that grips the top of the penis shaft, and also a belt that comes to the root of the member around that anchors.

Rod extenders hold the penis straight out.

I’m sure you can imagine what will happen if this occurs: A big fat bulge. Sheer embarrassment.

There is a couple choices that one can go from that point, when you get your penis strapped to these devices.

Typically penis extender will point up or down (the rod ones). However, the bulge is still prominent in these setups and never really goes away.

That’s a big problem that has plagued every extender that followed this design. Inescapable.

Regardless, once you have it on, you should pull your underwear and pants over it and try to keep on for as long as possible.

…And avoid going in public of all places.

Another problem is that some of these penis extenders are so unstable that the weight of the underwear and pants on these devices simply make them fall off after less than an hour.

Not good.

A Strategy to Keep Penis Extenders From Falling Off

I’ve found that the best plan is to actually wear sweat pants (without underwear) because their loose fit allows room for the penis extender to “breathe”.

This prevents device malfunctions.

You do have some mobility in that you can walk around but you’ve got to take care to limit your move to ensure it will not slip off.

Most guys that make an effort to work with the apparatus at work generally visit with the toilet and make use of the bathroom stalls to track and maintain the unit.

Unless you’ve got your own personal private office, in the end, this is the sole practical way to obtain seclusion.

You pretty much need to think about your private situation and where you’ll be able to place on it and take off it privately.

Other places that come to mind might be inside your own car or in a cabinet some kind although we mentioned the public bathroom at the office.

The Steps to Put On A Penis Extender

And here are the steps for the rod-extenders.

  1. The way to put on a stick based extender system
  2. Ensure that your penis is flaccid (ideally under 20% hardness)
  3. Fit the tough base against your pelvis, in the bottom of your penis.
  4. Grasping your glans, fit it into the opposite end.
  5. While holding your glans there, tighten the noose to ensure it clamps onto the top shaft.

Here are the steps that apply to 90% of all the pulling extenders on the market.

Pulling extenders are my personal favorite, due to their overall better ease-of-usage and practicality.

  1. Make sure your penis is flaccid (ideally under 20% hardness)
  2. Fit the soft foam loop base against your pelvis, round the base of your dick.
  3. Secure the very top of your rotating shaft in the mechanism that is grasping.
  4. Hook the gripping mechanism to the pulling belt.

How long should I use the penis extender device each day?

That’s a great and important issue.

Cleaning them in this fashion just isn’t challenging in any way and is actually straightforward.

Most just use water and hand soap.

I recommend cleaning it at least once every two weeks.

You actually must do this as a way to remove dead skin cells and body oils off these devices.

What about force applied?

Deploy the extender with just enough force to keep the penis slightly elongated.

That’s more than enough.

So that you can compensate for this lower force that is applied, you make up for it by stretches to get a longer quantity of time through the day.

On account of the high hour demand that is necessary by wearing enlargement devices, you need to organize your day around its use.

Hope this guide helps!

Let me know what you guys think, I feel that our fellow man is really on to something here!


Should Men Wear the Pants in the Relationship

Written by Joey Garcia

Tradition has typically held that women stay at homewith the children, if applicablewhile men are the breadwinners, who go out and earn a living.

For better or worse, that script no longer necessarily holds true.

Through the first decade of the 2000s, stay-at-home dads made up 3.5 percent of households where at least one person in the married couple worked full-time. This was a marked increase from the 1990s (2.7 percent) and from 1976 through 1979 (only an even two percent.)

As more women aim to take on the role of breadwinner, it has begun to be questioned whether men should still aim to “wear the pants” in a relationship.

(Wearing the pants, for those uninformed, means to be the person in charge of a marriage or family. It, itself, is not necessarily a gender-neutral term, as its etymological roots are derived from the notion that men traditionally wore some sort of slacks to work.)

This post will address whether men should still attempt to wear the pants in a relationship in the 21st century.

It Depends

While the idea that there is no definitive answer as to whether men should wear the pants may seem like a cop out answer, the truth is that it depends upon the nature of the relationship.

If a woman is mainly married to a man in order to feel supported financially, for example, there is a good chance that she will leave once she feels financially independent.

Unfortunately, in modern times, the statistics suggest that many women who earn a decent living are more likely to want a breakup or divorce. One study conducted in the U.S. found that amongst college-educated couples, women initiated 90 percent of divorces.

This figure is even higher than the disproportionate rate of divorce initiation by women in the general public, which sits at 70 percent.

Other studies have shown that men who do the majority of the housework, on the other hand, are 50 percent more likely to initiate divorce.

This all leads to an important point: although stereotypical roles can clearly change over time, maybe there is some justification as to why men have traditionally earned a living for the family, while women have taken on responsibility for work around the house.

It would seem that men, in particular, are often uncomfortable taking on the tasks of their wife or girlfriend.


Define Your Roles


More important than who wears the pants is the notion of setting clearly defined roles for one another.

If you decide to work full-time, don’t let your partner delegate other tasks to you that you didn’t agree upon. Part of wearing the pants is organizing and taking control of your unique situation.

To clarify, there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your partner wear the pants, but you must understand that you are relinquishing control if you decide to do so.

The person who wears the pants typically dictates everything from financial matters to frequency of sex.

All this brings us to another option for couples in the modern era.


Sharing the Pants


In large part due to the loosening of gender norms, it is perfectly acceptable to “share the pants,” so to speak, in a modern relationship.

This can be done with or without children, although it is certainly easier to do when childless.

For a simple example of how this would work, think of a college-educated man and woman. The man may be a banker, while the woman could be an accountant. They both wash their own clothes, do their own dishes, and pay their own bills.

While this couple need not have a child, if they did, they’d split their responsibility for him or her the man might pick them up from daycare on certain days, while the woman would pick them up on others.

In other words, each partner is fully independent and responsible for themselves, but have decided that together, they form an even stronger entity that is formidable.

With nearly 70 percent of mothers in the labor forceeither working or looking for work it will become increasingly common for couples with children to want to split responsibilities.


I Just Need to Wear the Pants

Despite changing norms, many men may maintain that they can’t sacrifice one pant leg, much less the entire pair of pants. If that’s the case, here are some tips for wearing the pants in a relationship:

  • Know what you want. By knowing your preferences and needs, and communicating them to your partner, you improve your shot at successfully wearing the pants.
  • Don’t always compromise. If you have a particular need, it’s particularly important to not give in. Over time, constantly giving in will impose limitations from your perspective, which isn’t desirable nor feasible for someone who wants control.
  • Still consider her perspective. Decisions should be made with the best of both of you in mind, which is why you perhaps shouldn’t be in a relationship if your areas of need conflict. Both parties need to be happy in a relationship for it to truly succeed.
  • Don’t be overly authoritative. Although there will be times that you need to be firm and resolute, it’s important to not be overly controlling. Give up your power at times, and always be completely transparent. A lack of trust can build when it appears that you are using your power to hide things.


Hopefully, this post helps describe not only how to wear the pants in a relationship as a guy, but whether you should.

As with most issues, it largely depends upon circumstances, and is rarely black and white.